Honey Garlic Chicken Breast
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Honey Garlic Chicken is an epic 12 minute dinner with a 5 INGREDIENT SAUCE made using pantry staples. A juicy seared chicken breast with the most incredible Honey Garlic Sauce, this is a brilliant back pocket quick dinner for busy nights to add to your Chicken Breast recipes collection!

My favourite sauce returns with Honey Garlic Chicken!

Another addition to my 15 Minute Meals and quick Chicken Breast recipes collection!

This Honey Garlic Chicken breast recipe is long overdue. The Sauce in this is a variation of my Honey Garlic Salmon which I first shared way back when I started this website.

If I were ever to do a summary of my top 5 Most Used Sauces, Honey Garlic Sauce would probably be right at the top of the list. I love it because it requires so few ingredients that are pantry staples, and when simmered with a seared protein in a skillet so it becomes all bubbly and syrupy…. oh WOW.

It’s just DA BOMB!!! ( <– Who talks like that at my age???! I do. Only in extenuating circumstances. Excitement over crazy delicious secret-weapon sauce falls under this category.😎)

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